For 22 years its been a hoot.  We would like to thank all those great supporters

who have spent time with us over those years .  

We hope it has been a pleasure for you, and our instruction has helped you even a little bit !

We have made so many wonderful friends, people we meet on the river, on the street, 

wherever we go from Newfoundland to BC, California to Florida, Scotland and Ireland.

A big thank you to our many instructors 

who spent the time and shared their espertise teaching with us.

Bless you all.

Its been a  fantastic journey.


IF you are looking for more quality instruction contact out friends:

Lewis Hinks, Master Casting Instructor, in Chester NS

Denis Pellichero, Casting Instructor, in Halifax

Steve Smith, Master Casting Instructor, and Brock Curits at the Miramichi Fly Fishng School in Blackville NB 


We havent given up yet.!  

We are looking forward to making more fly fishing friends, 

in Kelowna, Penticton, Summerland BC

Look out BC here we come !

Lanny Waller (California TV personality) "Dennis is a magician with a fly rod"

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April 2011